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Where to start?

Going for the Interview

Whether you are fresh from college or moving on to another job, are you worried your CV would not stand out from the rest?  Do you know what catches a recruiter's eye?  Need someone to help you with a professional profile?  See below for more information.
Great! Now you have an appointment.. now what...Enter your appointment in your calendar whether on your phone or tablet.  Do not be late.  In fact, be 10 minutes early.  Never not turn up and just text to say you would not be coming.   If for some reasons you are not able to turn up, call ahead of time to reschedule or cancel and apologize for the inconvenience.  

Business Attire

Invest in a good dress shirt and pants.  A blazer or suit depending on the position.  Ties are not necessary unless you have already made it through the initial stages of interviews and going to meet top management in the final round.  Remember to be colour co-ordinated and ensure your hair is at its best.  Ladies, bear in mind a smart office outfit will go far.  Be presentable and refrain from mini skirts or low cuts. Whether guys or gals, pay attention to facial hair and nails. See Gallery below.
Meeting your interviewer...

Relax.... Don't be nervous...

This is for the young enterprising adults who are enthusiastic about creating a position for themselves before even graduating.  A forward thinker.    Yes, get your foot in that door!
Entry Levels
For the newbie... be eager to learn.. learn everything that comes in your direction that will help you to gain your momentum.  Knowledge is Power!
Management Trainees
Port Folio/Relationship Managers
 Do you have what it takes?   Aiming for Management level?  If you think you are able to develop financial strategies; explore and recommend products and do market research as a tool and instrumentation to the financial needs of potential clients.  Then this is a position for you.  You would also like to network and be involved where the action is.  This would be a long term career which would eventually be your business to expand.
Consumer Portfolio Manager is a certified licensed professional, engaging you in the pratice of portfolio management for consumers.   As your accounts/clientele grows, you will be required to take on Business portfolio management which requires a certain degreee of competence.   Some of the tools you will be acquainted with are mutual funds & income paying mechanism while assessing risk, tax and retirement planning.
 Recruitment services, Consultancy services,  employee benefits, employee performance appraisal etc
Need help in creating your CV?

Email:  [email protected]


The Future Landscape  to a Smart & Early Retirement
6th Oct 2017
If anyone haven't notice yet, it has become harder and harder to secure a job even when one have all the necessary qualifications and experience.  If one reaches the age of 35, you might begin finding it difficult to find a better job offer or even a job.  Then we just have to take whatever job you can find regardless of your degree or professional qualifications.  On hindsight, building a residual, passive or whatever income on the side would have been a smart thing to do. Well, if only someone had told me about it earlier. 
Here are a few options to explore to ensure a smart and early retirement which can be more than comfortable for those who are serious enough. There is Insurance/annuity/investment, Uber, Grab, Lyft,, online business, affiliate marketing, blogging, Amway, Nuskin, Avon, Mary Kay etc.
​​Insurance/annuity/Investment - Set aside a fixed sum each month, enough to earn sufficient dividends to pay itself after several years, and let it mature at a certain time. Even before you retire, you can actually draw the coupons/dividends to supplement a semi-retirement or a more relax working pace.  Otherwise just let it collect interest. Or, if you have say $500, put it in an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund - a mix of index mutual fund and a stock fund).  One can buy and sell whenever the market is open.  This gives the investor more control over their ETF. It's relatively simple to start and the low costs of ETFs make them a popular investment choice for a beginning investor.  With over 500 ETFs on the market today,  you can find one that fits your pace.  Otherwise just buy a stock that pays out dividends collecting a passive side income.  Email me for information of a no fee platform to trade. 
                            If you have some time and a car, driving Uber / Grab/ Lyft could be an immediate source
                            of income for paying off mortgage earlier to reduce interests and achieve early payoff. 
                            Similarly to driving, you can sign up for childcaring, house cleaning, senior care,                                  petcare,  tutor etc.  Do it at your own time and find a match.  Click here to read the                              many options and sign up to start making plans for your early retirement.

Then, there are some online or work from home/by remote that you can make a business for yourself anywhere in the world due to ecommerce.  A user friendly site is Here is the link.  If you have a passion for watching/grooming pets or good with arts and crafts, you could turn this passion into a business. There are plenty of sites and Youtube videos to learn from and build your business.  If you can do a video and put on youtube and link back to your site with recommendation to the merchants you used and get a commission is also an added bonus.  Otherwise keeping stocks and inventory is also the alternative.
Perhaps you prefer affiliate marketing.  There are no stocks or inventory. You draw readers to your page or website and when your readers click on the link and make a purchase, the merchant will credit you a commission. It takes some time before you see some real returns but it's a start. Like they say, Many drops of water will make an ocean!  Some famous merchants/ platfforms: Viglink, Ebay, Amazon, Lazada, Bebe, Cheapoair, Expedia, Target, Walmart etc.  As you can see, that is a good list and easily there are shoppers from these sites that makes purchase online. So monetizing your site is a good idea. You can click here to sign up or read more about it.


Another way of making money is through blogging.  If you think you can write, start a blog or two.  Focus on a product or issue.  Keep your readers updated, informed and interested.  Again, you can monetize your site so if your focus is about Gopro cameras, each time a reader clicks and makes a purchase from your link, you will be credited with a preset rate of commission. 
Another very old and proven method is MLM. It normally offers a set template and provision of training and support.  It offers opportunities to set up your own business with lots of encouragement and motivational speakers.  It takes a more hands on approach.  This is good way for retirees to socialize and interact with others and  keep themselves busy.  It is very appealing to retirees to join so targetting is important. On the other hand, starting early is good to build at your own pace. Not all are favoured.  Attending several different MLM talks to be aware of what each offers. Some offers legacy inheritance.  
Top 10 list of MLM Companies
1. Avon
2. Amway
3. Questra World
4. Mary Kay
5. Herbalife
6. Techademics
7. Advocare
8. Young Living
9. Ambit Energy 
10 Wor(1)d Global Network

Finally the simplest of all is just buying a second hand item and enhancing it and sell. Yes, flipping like how people flip cars, houses etc.  Any one can do it.

                         So there! don't waste anymore time. You can do this in between jobs, whilst                             sipping coffee at the coffee shop, waiting for the kids at school, or whilst                               watching tv. The sooner you start, the better it is.




How To Survive On A Low Budget.
13th October 2017

Everyone wishes they have some extra money after checking their bank accounts.  Well, there are many ways in which we can train ourselves to live simply and still have enough for what we want.  Single parents, single income family or retirees or whoever can try beat stagnant income with rising cost in a variety of ways.  Who knows, maybe the knowledge and practice will be handed down and you will raising thrifty and financially smart kids.  There are numerous financial experts or gurus out there which one can google but here are a few ways which I have learnt from personal experience and research for your quick reference. 

1. Budgeting - Planning your budget is a good way to start.  Whether you put on a spreadsheet or just a journal, it would help to see where your money is going to and keeping track of your spending or savings.  Once you have the standard template for monthly expenses, it gets simpler to track and monitor what you can cut down on.  Start with the current expenses per month for a start and toggle (if you have it on spreadsheet) figures cutting $20 or $30 here and there.  Later, you can knock off more when you have a good idea of your minimum to get by rate.  
2. Share the idea - Ensuring everyone in the family is in sync with your intention.  There is no point in trying to conserve utilities and your teenager turns on every light, tv, printers, fans, air conditioners, and heat in the house.  An option to ensuring lights are turned off is a motion sensor light bulb.  Here is the link. 
3. Credit Card(s) - Sometimes, we need credit cards for emergencies or whatever but remember to spend on only what money you have and 'must have' and not 'nice to have'. Check out credit transfers, if you have already a lump sum you are paying on, so that you will get a fixed period of 6 months to 12 months of no interest.  After that period, look out for another credit transfer elsewhere till you get your finances all sorted out.
4. Recycling - Everyone should be responsible and recycle.  It also saves on having to purchase items that we use once and then store it somewhere in the storeroom or closet.  As retail shopping gets very expensive, visiting Goodwill, Dollar Store, Daiso and the likes is nothing to be ashamed about.  It is everybody's individual wish to decide on what they wish to spend on and be wise about it.  eg Kid's clothes which can be handed down or bought 'new' especially well made clothing lasts till younger siblings outgrow them.  
5. Sell what you don't need anymore - You will be amazed at what you can get for things around the house that you don't use anymore.  A little touch up or enhancement would do wonders. You can sell them on Offer Up, Craigslist, facebook, or a 2nd hand/consignment store, etc  
6. Cable TV - It's now the norm to do away with cable and get your media box set up.  Why waste good money on cable when you can get what you want on a media box for a one time price.  All you need is internet.  After 2 months, you will be wondering why haven't you got a media box earlier.  A media box cost you from anything under $100 to a little more.  Click the following link for a look at an android media box. and for keyboard (optional).

7. No fee Banking - Bank with banks or credit unions that don't charge a monthly fee.  $10 or $12 per month is $120 or $144.  If you have more than 2 banks, your total charges for the year will multiply.  BECU is one such credit union that can be considered.
8. Online Shopping - Consider online shopping as a shopping alternative.  There is no gas consumed, no wear and tear for driving the car, no stopping to eat out, no tipping and other miscellaneous expenses.  You can shop online for almost everything without stepping out of the house.  Here is a list of some popular retailers:-           

9. Dining Out - Keep to minimum.  If you really have to, check out Groupon       Remember aside from the dinner there are still tips to pay.  Perhaps home delivery or pick up is another    option.  If one is too busy, order more to see you through another meal so you don't have to pay delivery
fee twice.  Chinese dishes has a lot of advantages.  Aside from being healthy, the leftover of vegetables and onions (which I notice always in abundance) can be use to cook up another dish.  Just add some meat with it and there you have another dish for another meal.  Just cook rice or put it in a burrito or pita bread.
10. Mobile Charges - This is a major expense normally plus tax + + + it's crazy that +++ is about 30% more than the actual bill. So if you have to have a phone for everyone in the family, look for a family plan.  Shop around and avoid contracts. Use the internet to make calls through Whatsapp, Facebook or VOIP calls.
11. Coupons - Watch out for special dining deals for kids eg kids eat free or above 50 deals, senior meals etc.  There are coupons for household stuff/auto/recreation etc as well that often comes in mailers (Valpak) or available in flyers etc.
12. Outings - Have picnics at the park or beach etc.  A visit to the Farmer's Market or flea market can be an educational trip for the kids.  With the Media box, you can have movies at home for movie night so no more expensive movies and pop corns at the cinema.  
13. Home Cooking is Best -  There are many meals one can cook for under $12.00 for a family of 2-4. (spaghetti bolognese, alfredo chicken, chicken fried rice, chicken macaroni soup, fried beef noodles, curry chicken or black pepper beef with rice, chicken or beef stew in a bread bowl etc) 
The above are a few ideas which I hope will help you to cut out unnecessary expenses and save wisely for the more important things in life.  Do read my other blog - The Future Landscape to a Smart and Early Retirement. Aside from educating oneself to spend wisely, I thought it would be important to also cover on how to make some extra income for rainy days or for an early enjoyable retirement.


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